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Personal Chef

The personal chef service is more than just some guy cooking your food for you. Our personal Chef sits down with you and comes up with a meal plan for you. Then twice a week, you get the meals delivered to your home or workplace.

Our chef knows how hard it can be to lose weight. He has lost 170 lbs himself! When you sit down with us, we aren't here to shame, we are here to get things rolling. Just by coming to this page, you are taking the steps necessary to start losing and maintaining your weight. 

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Sit Down Consultation - $30

This is a baseline meet. Just an opportunity for you to sit down with our chef and come up with some ideas for you to start losing weight using QuickEats meals. 


Sit Down and 5 days of work lunch - $65

This is a sit down where you and our chef come up with some healthy lifestyle suggestions and meals for your work week to help make those "work lunch" decisions easier.


Sit Down and 5 days of meals - $130

This one is more intense. Sit down consultation with our chef, where you and the chef come up with a healthy lifestyle regimine and 3 meals a day for 5 full days!


Sit Down and forget about it - $200

Our premier package. You and our personal chef have a sit-down consultation where we go in-depth together and address the core issues of weight loss. Along with every meal for every day of the week. Let our personal chef help you build your body!

Let's get started

We are excited to get your health goals on track.

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